“REDtone flexiCloud: Your Technology Partner For Enterprise Digital Transformation”


In the new Digital Economy, enterprises today must transform to stay relevant. Be a Disruptor, or expect to Be Disrupted!

Cloud computing lays the cornerstone of an enterprise’s digital evolution. The adoption of the cloud model helps the organisation advance into the digital realm. In fact, cloud computing fuels digital disruption, and enables the business enterprise to pursue digital transformation.

Whether you’re a growing business or an enterprise seeking new customer outreach channels, REDtone can help you embark on a digital transformation journey that will enable you to remain competitive and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.

The foundation of REDtone’s strategy is built upon a culture of customer centricity and customer success. We leverage cloud computing, Big Data, IoT and enhanced applications to facilitate enterprise digitalisation towards agile and smart operations, to ultimately deliver an extraordinary experience to the customer.



REDtone flexiCloud platform acts as a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation. The ability to quickly change internal processes to match dynamic environments can be a differentiating for businesses. While building new business models, enterprises need the agility, ability to scale up and down, efficiency, elasticity and cost optimization in order to triumph in the industry they operate.