flexiCloud Server

After a cloud server is enabled, the system generates an initial password for you at random. You can choose Console > VM Management > VM to view details about the cloud server. The initial password is in the Initial Password column and you can use the password to log in to the cloud server. The default user name on Windows is administrator and that on Linux is root.


To ensure system security of a cloud server, change the password after your first login to the cloud server.

No. Currently, a cloud server subscribed by a user cannot be transferred to another user. Any doubts, contract Huawei customer service personnel.

Cloud servers provide virtual computing environments so that you can directly start cloud servers with operating system images on web pages. Cloud servers support all mainstream operating systems, including the Windows and Linux operating systems. You can manage images to manage the configurations, applications, and running environments of the operating systems. In addition, you can plan networks on web pages, deploy applications on the cloud computing platform, and manage access permission on your applications and infrastructure.