flexiCloud: Facilitates Healthcare Reforms Through Smart Medical Services”

The cloud computing and big data revolutions are well underway in the healthcare industry. The vastly increased supply of information and workflow transformation have led to groundbreaking work, often by partnerships between medical and data professionals as well as service providers, with the potential to glimpse into the future and identify problems before they happen.

The healthcare industry will inevitably adopt big data analytics tools and new ways of utilising the cloud, which will eventually lead to predictions about emerging trends.This digital transformation and its far-reaching initiatives need to be flexible, collaborative, secure, cost-effective and consumer-focused.

REDtone flexiCloud’s comprehensive cloud-based healthcare solutions are designed based on the following four perspectives:

  • LEVERAGING big data analytics from health risk assessments, insurance company profiles, wearable trackers or smartphone apps
  • IMPROVING strategic planning and identifying best practices by providing accurate and timely clinical information
  • IMPLEMENTING trust and compliance practices across multiple systems and channels; all personal healthcare data is treated with the upmost respect
  • PROVIDING efficient and cost-effective user experience as well as clinician workflow management

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