flexiCloud: Fosters Business Innovation By Allowing Retailers To Manage Data and Insights Seamlessly Across Multiple Platforms”

Big Data analytics is currently being applied at every stage of the retail process to determine what the popular products will be by predicting trends; forecasting where the demand will be for these products; optimising pricing for a competitive edge; identifying the customers likely to be interested in them, and working out the best way to approach them; working out what to sell them next; and finally, implement a loyalty programme that can retain them.

REDtone flexiCloud is transforming the retail process with a loyalty solution that encompasses members and merchant communities, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for digital engagement. We offer the most advanced analytics and cloud-based models you need to imagine and implement a winning retail business model.

We can help you gain an edge over your competition in different ways, including:

  • IMPROVING knowledge of consumer preferences
  • DRIVING sales up by making it easy for your customers to make purchases
  • STRENGTHENING customer loyalty
  • REDUCING costs by automating processes
  • FACILITATING strategic decision-making by providing hard facts

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