Huawei and REDtone Win “Malaysia Cybersecurity Project of the Year Award”

On the evening of October 18, Huawei and REDtone were presented with the Cybersecurity Project of the Year award. The ceremony, hosted by CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM), was also attended by Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. This is the second cyber security award Huawei has received from CSM since 2014.

The Malaysia Cyber Security Awards were created to honor individuals and organizations who have contributed to Malaysia’s cyber security or information security. In 2014, Huawei received the award thanks to its huge investment and ongoing improvements in cyber security. The award was an endorsement of Huawei’s industry best practices, which had produced a comprehensive and reliable end-to-end cyber security system across the globe. This year, CSM and its advisory body Deloitte decided that the award should be presented to Huawei and REDtone, in recognition of their B2B public cloud services for government and businesses, the largest in Malaysia. The Cybersecurity Project of the Year celebrates Huawei’s end-to-end security approaches, from data security solutions, to delivery, and O&M.

Dr. Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, CEO of CSM, commented, “As ICT technology develops, cyber security threats and challenges are increasing, and users are more concerned about cyber security. We see that Huawei and REDtone are committed to improving its product and service security, and helping its customers reduce or eliminate security risks in practical and effective ways. The Project of the Year award is conferred on Huawei and REDtone for their B2B public cloud services for governments and enterprises, because they are setting the standards in cyber security for public cloud services. We want to applaud Huawei and REDtone’s hard work in cyber security, and to encourage more companies to focus on this issue, so as to provide more robust and secure cyber services for Malaysia’s government, businesses, and citizens, which will help drive sustainable economic and social development.”

“REDtone believes that cyber security will continue to play a key role in the transformation of both IT & telecommunications industries. With the strategic partnership with Huawei and its unwavering commitment to continually without limit, scale up and setting new benchmarks in cyber security standards, it allows REDtone to grow our cloud business to become the largest B2B cloud platform provider in the country and geared towards delivering world-class cloud solutions that will greatly benefit our customers,” said Lau Bik Soon, Group CEO of REDtone.

Abraham Liu, CEO of Huawei Malaysia, said, “We are honored to receive this award from the Malaysian government again. This is an acknowledgement of our efforts in cyber security, and also encourages us to make further improvements in this area. As a leading global ICT provider, Huawei has been committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions for Malaysian customers ever since we started doing business here in 2001. We regard cyber security as a top priority, more important than any commercial interest. We look forward to working more closely with government organizations and customers, to provide the best security and create a more secure cyberspace.”

Huawei has been doing business in Malaysia for 15 years. It has 2,500 employees in Malaysia, of whom 75% are locally hired. Huawei provides services for major telecom operators, and has made significant contributions to the development of the local ICT sector, in projects such as High Speed Broadband and 4G networks.


Source: REDtone