REDtone launches flexiCloud solutions

Integrated telecommunications service provider REDtone International Bhd has launched its latest offering under managed value added services, known as flexiCloud solutions.

The business-to-business (B2B) cloud solutions offer comprehensive, scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for businesses to align their IT infrastructure with their business strategy with efficiency, securely and with no or minimal capital expenditure.

Aimed at small and medium enterprises, it offers Malaysian-based companies a chance to have their cloud services hosted locally rather than in neighbouring countries.

REDtone has also entered into a strategic tie-up with Huawei Technologies for cloud infrastructure services whereby Huawei will provide a setup that allows REDtone to scale up rapidly without incurring high setup costs for its flexiCompute, flexiBackup and flexiDR solutions.

Huawei, which operates five cloud computing research and development centres in China, Germany and the US, will also provide technical knowledge to complement REDtone’s expertise in Malaysia.

“Huawei’s commitment to continually without limit, scale up REDtone’s cloud infrastructure as it grows its cloud business will enable REDtone to grow to become the largest cloud platform provider in the country,” said REDtone Data Centre Sdn Bhd chief executive Andy Yau.

He said the flexiCloud service is offered on a “on demand” basis whereby customers can pay only when using the service.

“As a technology partner with global experience, Huawei believes that cloud computing will play a key role in the transformation of both IT & telecommunications industries and we are ready to support REDtone in profiting from this challenge, and the co-operation is an important step for Huawei Cloud solution in Malaysia’s ICT industry,” said Huawei South Pacific VP of solution and marketing Liu DongFang.

REDtone will also partner four established software and services companies to roll out its flexiCloud Platform-as-a-Service (flexiPaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (flexiSaaS) solutions.

Fusionex will provide data management platform and solutions, Kingslake cloud-based software development platforms and Lambda flexiSaaS Contact Centre solutions while Cloud Raxak provides flexiSaaS IT Audit Compliance software services.

All four partnerships will signify the beginning of REDtone’s long term goals to cultivate enterprise ecosystems and offer a rich market place for top class application solutions as well as expand its B2B cloud solutions capability to enterprise customers in Malaysia and the region.


Source: The Sun Daily