“Protects mission-critical data with a robust backup and recovery system.”


REDtone flexiCloud Online Backup is a cost-effective cloud-based backup service for medium and large enterprises seeking a highly reliable and secure way to back up structured (databases) and unstructured (files) data as well as perform daily monitoring of backups.

All data backed up by this exceptional flexiCloud service is compressed, encrypted, and securely stored offsite in a Tier 3 data centre in-country.

REDtone flexiCloud Online Backup makes life easier for IT staff by simplifying the management and monitoring of backups. They will have the ability to define the set of retention rules for the backup data and keep multiple generations of backups.

Backup is only part of the story. Data recovery is just as important. Being in Malaysia, you have the option to recover your data via high-speed broadband, or subscribe to our service and restore directly to REDtone’s standby or dedicated virtual machines.

Protecting your data has never been simpler.

Key Benefits

  • Protects your critical file servers and SQL databases
  • Allows you to keep an offsite backup copy
  • Reduces the burden of managing your backups
  • Frees you from tapes and tape collection services
  • Affordable with no upfront hardware or software to purchase
  • Provides greater speed and control than overseas services
  • Supported Encryption Algorithm – AES-128/256, or Blowfish-128/256, Serpent-128/256, TwoFish-128/256
  • Hosted in a certified Tier 3 data centre in Malaysia
  • Efficient block level incremental backup with compression and encryption technology