“Quickly restores access to enterprise IT services and systems in the event of an unrecoverable system failure.”

REDtone Disaster Recovery solutions offer end-to-end methods for protecting data against disasters and ensuring that the enterprise continues to function.

HA Solution: High Availability (HA) is available for services in our primary cloud, preventing the failure of a single component from causing service interruptions.

The Disaster Recovery Data Centre Solution (Active-Passive Mode) provides remote disaster recovery and ensures that services can be quickly recovered and provided if a disaster occurs.

We have the level of protection that meets your enterprise needs, from protection against single-point failure to full coverage with geographical redundancy, as well as excellent performance on protocol optimisation, improving service performance by 30%, and data consistency assurance for databases and files.

All these are made possible through easy construction: we provide one-stop consultation, design, delivery and drill.




Key Benefits

  • One-stop, end-to-end service with high availability in a production cloud, and secondary standby cloud solution
  • Highly secure and redundant in two different geographical locations
  • Simple management and monitoring with easy failover and failback
  • Affordable with no upfront hardware or software to purchase