“Empowers digital transformation by helping businesses accelerate adaptation and innovation.”


REDtone flexiPaaS offerings are helping both IT departments and businesses with cloud and mobile enablement of their new and legacy applications while accelerating the delivery and scalability of these applications.

The flexiPaaS platform also leverages Big Data and IoT technology as well as domain-based business analytical solutions and services, providing a single platform that can empower enterprise grade digital transformation and accelerate business innovation.


Key Benefits

  • Facilitates the rapid building and deployment of scalable enterprise applications
  • Accelerates business innovation
  • Improves business agility and insight
  • Reduces IT cost and complexity


REDtone flexiPaaS, with its public and private cloud solutions, is building a strong competitive position in the market by offering:

flexiPaaS data services bring together data from a variety of sources to deliver business value through analytics leveraging Big Data technology. The cloud-delivered data platform helps companies keep up with data growth without overwhelming their on-premises data centres.

The flexiPaaS IoT platform is used to drive smart city innovation and serves as a platform that leverages on a partnership ecosystem for technology collaboration, with the vision of creating a “Better City, Better World”.

The flexiPaaS Development platform provides IT departments and business users with an easy-to-use tool for cloud and mobile enablement of their new applications as well as legacy applications.